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Sustainable Surfing

Here at Lyster we pride ourselves on our sustainability and ability to create high-performance surfboards with next to no waste. We're all concerned about single use plastics ending up in our oceans. There's nothing we love more than a day at the beach with a good surf and we don't want to play any part in destroying the beauty of our oceans - which is why we've taken so many steps to eliminate plastic from our building process. Lyster Surfcraft surfboards are 99% plastic free. Our boards' cores are made entirely of wood, which means any waste comes in the shape of wood shavings and sawdust (which we use for compost in the garden) or wood off-cuts (used as fuel to heat...

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Lyster Surfcraft X Tree Line Clothing

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Tree Line Clothing.  Tree Line are producing our new 'Crafted to Carve' Tees, meaning that not only can you now buy awesome Lyster Surfcraft clothing, but you're also supporting Tree Aid, and planting fruit trees in Africa. 

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